Custom Flies

“Don’t Just Stare At It, Eat It”

These flies are the culmination of three decades of tying. Some patterns took over a decade to finalize and are still a work in progress. Rob sells flies that catch the most fish for his clients, friends,  and the rare times he gets to fish. The number one multi-speices catching fly is the Snowhite Damsel. Rob’s flies are simple, impressionistic interpretations of what fish eat. These flies are tied for the fish, not the angler. The flies are all broken down by targeted species but are designed to catch multi-species. Names of the original tier provided for credit where applicable. All other flies are originals. Commercial flies available at a discount rate.


Custom & Commercial Flies


Shad Flies

  • Shad Puff
  • Shad Buster
  • Shad Omnomnom
  • Shad Jig 1/16oz
  • Shad Jig 1/32oz
  • 1″ Calf Tail Clouser
  • Snowhite Damsel

Bass Flies

  • Snallygaster
  • Scorpion Bug
  • Clouser (Bob Clouser)
  • Guttless Frog (Rob Meade)
  • Reaper (Pat Ehlers)
  • Bunny Reaper
  • Big San Juan Worm
  • Silicon Worms
  • Potomac Peanut (Russ Maddin)
  • Splat Rat
  • Snowhite Hellgrammite (Bill Skilton)
  • Bass Siren

Steelhead Flies

  • Synthetic sucker spawn
  • Angora sucker spawn
  • Soft hackle, flash back pheasant tail
  • Hoh-Bo Intruder
  • Flash Intruder
  • Glo Bug Egg
  • Jumbo John (John Barr)
  • Crystal bugger
  • Bloods Dot (Jeff Blood via Tyler Straight)

Carp Flies

  • Cree Bug (Mike Decoteau)

Trout Flies

  • Bacon Fly
  • Silicon Worm
  • San Juan Worm
  • Foam Beetle (Bill Skilton)
  • Chernobyl Ants (Larry Tullis)
  • Mop Fly (I’ll give credit to David Folkerts of PHWFF as we discussed this material for flies in 2010)

Gar Flies

  • Gar Fly








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