I recorded a podcast on FAQ trying to answer a lot of the questions I hear every day: Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast S01E28 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long have you been guiding?
A: I have been guiding professionally since 1999 and have been living the dream as a full time guide since 2010.

Q: How do I schedule a guided trip or casting lesson?
A: The easiest way is online, by filling out the Sign Up Form. I look forward to hearing from you!

Q: Can I buy flies from you? How much do they cost? What flies do you sell?
A: Your sure can! Average cost is $2, they are all hand tied by me, and they catch fish like crazy. A wide variety for all your fishing needs are available. Please view my custom flies page.

Q: When are you free?
A: View my calendar so we can figure out a time that works for you.

Q: Can I smoke?
A: Yes. Be sure to pack out any butts.

Q: What about cigars?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Can we drink beer or margaritas?
A: I like the sauce as much as anyone but it does not belong on a guided fishing trip. Liability.

Q: What are your rates?
A: $40 per person per hour. I offer 2 hour, 4 hour, and 8 hour trips. Includes use of rods, reels, flies, etc. This is the best deal in town, especially for those of you on tight schedules.

Q: Do you give discounts?
A: For groups of 5 or more individuals. Please inquire.

Q: Do you provide gear? Rods, reels, lines, flies, waders, boots, sunglasses etc?
A: Yes, I provide all the gear at no additional charge.

Q: Do you sell rods, reels, and waders?

Q: Do you sell rods, reels, and waders?
A: I do not sell soft goods or hardware. I do have a store via Pro Guide Direct where you can purchase brand name gear that I endorse.

Q: I want to get a starter fly rod. What should I get?
A: Use Orvis to help determine your rod. Please purchase through Pro Guide Direct. I would suggest a nine foot five weight rod (9′ 5wt) with floating, weight forward line.

Q: Where will we fish?
A: I will choose a location that is close to both of us. It may depend on season, time of day, tides, and water levels. Please refer to my maps page for a list of locations. We do not fish in Maryland or West Virginia (i.e., Harpers Ferry). Or anywhere along the C&O Canal (i.e., Fletchers)

Q: Do I need a license?
A: Yes, a valid freshwater fishing license is required. Either Virginia or D.C. Get your D.C. license online here

Q: Can I use my Virginia license in Maryland?
A: Please refer to the reciprocity guidelines

Q: Can we keep the fish?
A: You can keep snakeheads (totally delicious–you gotta try it grilled). For all other species, we practice catch and release. All non-snakehead fish are thrown back. No exceptions. It will give us fish to catch next time. Trust me.

Q: Do I have to wear a life jacket when on the drift boat?
A: Yes. I will provide life jackets (s,m,l,xl). These are an easy way to prevent loss of life. There are multiple deaths in the Potomac every year and each could be prevented with life jacket.

Q: Do I need waders?
A: Most likely no. I will find a location where waders will not be required. I have spare waders size small and large and will bring them if necessary. We will wet-wade from May-September. See below for what to bring/wear.

Q: What do I need to bring with me?
A: Water, shade providing hat, polarized sunglasses, rain gear, your own life jacket or flotation device if you have one (if we are going out on the boat). Bathing suit if wet wading. Closed toe shoes.

Q: I am restricted to a wheelchair, can I still fish?
A: Yes, there are several wheelchair accessible locations. If we can get you in the boat from a dock or boat ramp. There are seats in my boat.

Q: What is the youngest age you will take out?
A: Ten years old is about the youngest I will take out. If your child won’t get bored and can pick up the casting fairly easily than it should work.

Q: I want to fish Burke Lake with you. Do I have to pay to enter the park?
A: There is no charge if you park in the state owned lot. I will send a map of this when we confirm the location.

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