Things Fish Eat

Fish feed on a variety of organisms. Some are insects, some are not. However, insects comprise a major component of the diet of fresh water fishes. Some insects live on land and fall in the water by accident. Some live their entire lives in the water. There are some insects that spend part of their life in the water, mature, and leave for dry land. Here are some images of insects and other organisms that I have seen in and around places where we fish. Fish also eat plants, birds, mammals, lizards, snakes, crustaceans etc.

Class Insecta:

Coleoptera – Beetles
Diptera – True flies
Ephemeroptera – Mayflies
Hemiptera – True bugs
Hymenoptera – Ants, bees, wasps (social insects)
Lepidoptera – Butterflies & moths
Megaloptera – Dobsonflies
Odonata – Dragonfly & Damselfly
Orthoptera – Grasshopper and crickets
Plecoptera – Stone flies
Trichoptera – Caddisflies


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