Online Fly Tying Instruction

Fly Tying Instruction via Skype

Here is how it works:

We will tie flies together over Skype. I will send you the materials required for each pattern plus a sample of the pattern. We will set a date and time to log onto Skype together and I will instruct you on how to tie the patterns. Its quite simple and a great way to learn some very successful patterns that are easy to tie. All you need is a vise, scissors, bobbin, thread, and a computer with a webcam with a Skype account. I will initiate the Video Call. I’d suggest wearing a white shirt to I can see your vise and fly better in front of you.

Send me an e-mail to start the conversation on learning how to tie flies.

Cost: $30 per 1 hour time slot. Includes fly tying materials (hooks, beads, cones, body materials etc)

Check Out My Fly Tying Videos on YouTube

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