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Client pictures, pictures of friends, and pictures of me fishing.
90% of these people had never fly fished before!

reston bass 

 Newest pictures on top

Brian Chou Tidal Potomac River Snakehead
Little Hunting Creek Crappie Little Hunting  Creek Bass
squirmie wormie fly squirmy wormie smallmouth
Jocyln Squirmy Wormie fly Snowhite Largemouth Squirmy worm fly Snowhite squirmy worm channel catfish
double white perch hookup  Gravelly Point Striper  Gravelly Point Striper 
Four Mile Run  Four Mile Run Striped Bass Tidal Basin
Roaches Run Schoolie gravelly schoolie

four mile run bass snowhite four mile run occoquan gar snowhite 
Occoquan bass occoquqan bluegill 
 big catfish roaches run

 roaches run roaches run schoolie double hook up
 tidal basin bluegill

Rachel tidal basin bluegill rachel tidal basin reston bluegill

.77lb bluegill Jack's Bluegill weekend of bluegill
 bluegill reston bluegill
MJ 1lb Bluegill 

 Nick Swingle and his Pohick Bay Largemouth

snowhite potomac northern snakehead Snowhite Occoquan Bass Snowhite Occoquan Channel Catfish

Pohick Bay bass Roaches Run catfish
Fredericksburg Shad Fredericksburg Striper  Fredcericksburg Striper 

HUGE potomac white perch 1st smallie of the season Hickory shad Potomac American shad 
 American shad hickory shad small perch double hook up father and son perch  Potomac white sucker Catostomus commersoni small potomac white perch white perch 

Russell with 4 Mile Run bass Hickory shad at Chain Bridge  Todd and his white perch More big white perch 10 year old with white perch American shad Fly fishing double hook up = 2 perch on 2 flies Chain Bridge fly fishing for American shad



Four Mile Run bass Four Mile Run grass carp Four  Mile Run crappie

Chagrin River Steelhead 1st cast with a fishing rod ever winter fly fishing
Four Mile Run sunfish on dry fly in December

 potomac yellow perch long beach california fly fishing halilbut accotink trout
Potomac yellow perch yellow perch fly fishing

black friday basssnowhite with striper david with striper  

 more stripers
 Potomac River yellow perch Gravelly Point yellow perch gravelly point striped bass

matt's big bass potomac smallies 
 potomac smallies more smallies potomac bluegill bluegill reston bass reston largemouth big bluegill father and son fly fishing big dude, big fish
 shore fish bass eating 
 tiny bass bluegill fly fishing sisters
 shore fish big bluegill shore fish 
big bluegill medium bass french bluegill
 dropper bluegill more bluegill dock bluegill
 tiny bluegill jim's morning bass baby bluegill
 eating bluegill todd's tiny smallie todd's dad's fish
 burke lake bluegill burke lake fly fishing 102 degree fly fishing    
little potomac bluegill quality smallmouth long ear sunfish middle potomac bluegill 
  very small fish SLHS alum!
 topwater foamdepot fish kissing fish fishing with the ladies
 dropper bluegill big bluegill roaches run yellow perch 
gravelly point stripers gravelly point striper holding fly in water by leader and catching perch  
 gravelly point stripers south african with bluegill
2 flies = 2 fish by 6th grader  12th grader and bass more kids and fly fishing  
big sunfish  mom and daughter 7 year old fly fishing !! gravelly point smallie 
12th grader and sunfsih tiny bass 1st fish of the day  greg with bass
 2 flies = 2 fish  2 fish 2 flies morning bass
 i caught a whopper
 THW with fish schoolie striper Scott with morning smallie potomac crappie
 tpfr victor and striper snowhite with schoolie striper at gravelly point   red ear sunfish
 ity bity bass medium sized bass big bluegill
kissing bass bigger bass more bass
  baby bass bluegill quality bass GoFISHn catfish
 gravelly smallie I lost landed and dropped a fish this big late season bluegill
 snowhite with king salmon fish that broke my rod 
 coho salmon king salmon salmon release
 small stream bluegill sight casting to bluegill mom and daughter   

tiny pumpkinseed  jarred's july 4th smallie Stankus' striper striper chain bridge striper needlefish yuck white perch river smallie gravelly point largemouth
 tiny bluegill  smallie ! Seb's bluegill
 1st fish and on topwater 100 degree bluegill 
 flooded potomac crappie tiny largemouth bass SUNFISH Miles on the drift boat
 bass nunchucks two flies = two bass double hook up crappie and sunfish big sunfish
big sunfish reston  reston bass big reston bass dominic audubon bass
  big reston bass 
tiny sunfish holmes run sunfish sunfish
chain bridge  chain bridge
potomac schoolie striper  potomac white perch potomac white perch
potomac snakehead reston lake anne catfish 

 reston virginia double hook up big potomac perch
huge sunfish reston double hook up bass sunfish
Nick and Potomac River needlefish Potomac River catfish on fly Nick's Bass first striper on fly
   Belle Haven largemouth bass spoon fly Potomac River striper snowhite tidal basin snakehead fly fishing snowhite tidal basin catfish double hook up Reston sunfish 
Tidal Basin Carp snowhite tidal basin carp nice bass
reston bass big pumpkinseed  reston bass
reston crappie tiny bass potomac white perch
potomac fly fishing shad  potomac shad fly fishing 
    potomac pitchfork snakhead potomac crappie
 potomac white perch potomac shad
 potomac white perch potomac crappie
 potomac gizzard shad

schoolie Bachelor party fish
potomac smallie potomac hickory shad 
potomac shad another shad 
andrew hold shad  
snowhtie shad holmes run sunfish 

holmes run trout potomac gizzard shad
potomac shad potomac shad potomac shad
kid with shadpotomac river smallmouth

 potomac herring
potomac river herring deuce Mr. Holt !
Mr. Snowhite!
 potomac river smallie dude with shad

spotted bass 
 rainbow trout holmes run rainbow trout holmes run virginia rainbow trout holmes run northern virginia
 sunfish bluegill 4 Mile Run Virginia

largemouth  smallie schoolie striper
double hookup tidal potomac schoolie
double hookup big sunfish
 schoolie sunfish
 sunfish another sunfish

 sunfish sunfish 
sunfish grass carp

Andrew with bass Andrew with fish
Luke with bass Dylan with bass 
Dylan with bass Decker's Cousin

PA hybrid striped bass  Brian Kolovich @ Potomac River - first fish on fly rod


Ilona @ Potomac River, WVa Troy Kane + Kiwi Dave @ Salmon River, Ny
 Troy Kane Kiwi Dave @ Salmon River, Ny
 Rob Snowhite @ Salmon River, Ny Rob Snowhite @ Salmon River, Ny
 Rob Snowhite @ Salmon River, Ny Rob Snowhite @ Salmon River, Ny
 Rob Snowhite @ Salmon River, Ny Rob Snowhite @ Salmon River, Ny
  Rob Snowhite @ Taylor River, Co
 Tom Kacan @ Little Juniata River, Pa Haywood Curry @ Harkers Island, Nc
 Little Juniata River, 12.25.00 Tom Kacan @ Spruce Creek, Pa
 Tom Kacan @ Salmon River, Ny Rob Snowhite @ Salmon River, Ny 
Tom Kacan @ Salmon River, Ny Tom Kacan @ Salmon River, Ny
 Tom Kacan @ Salmon River, Ny Rob Snowhite @ Salmon River, Ny
 Mike P. @ Potomac River, DC Jim Kammel @ Potomac River, Va
  Jason @ Potomac River - first fish on fly rod, perch ME @ Mountain Lake Lodge, Wva
 ME @ Lake Audubon, Reston, Va Chris Gregor @ Lake Audubon, Reston, Va
 Rob Snowhite @ Lake Audubon, Reston, Va Dave with sunrise steelhead @ Salmon River, Ny 
 client with steelhead Nick Franzetti @ Letort River, Pa
 Rob Snowhite @ Rappahannock River, Va  
Tom Kacan @ Colorado River, Co Rob Snowhite @ ?, Pa 
frozen gatorade Rob Snowhite @ Mossy Creek, Va
 Joe Vivenzio, Sinbad, Tom @ Salmon River, Ny Ben Love @ Taylor River, Co
 Rob Snowhite w/ false albacore @ Harkers Island, NC Tom Kacan @ Rappahannock River, Va
 Tom Kacan @ "The Ditch", Pa Rob Snowhite @ Florida Keys 
 Dave with steelhead Rob Snowhite @ Potomac River, WVa
 Rob Snowhite @ Snake River, Co Mac Hodell @ Snake River, Co


Nicks Girlfriend With False Albacore (not caught on my fly)

False Albacore  

Bob Scoville With Chesapeake Needle Fish, Summer 2000

bob scoville  

Then It Attacked Him

Bob Scoville  

Two Flies = Two Schoolie Stripers

2 flies = 2 fish



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