Rob Snowhite: Fly Fishing Consultant

S01E35 Places To Eat When Fly Fishing

Series 01 Episode 35 Places To Eat When Fly Fishing


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I'm a hungry guy. I  need more food the night before a day of fly fishing, during a day of fly fishing, and especially after a long day of fly fishing. These are my places to eat when fly fishing. The locals span two continents and some Pacific islands.

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And here are some pics.  Yea, I'm that guy who photographs his food.

Gjelina mentioned on 'Up All Night' the sitcom,  not the naugty USA cable show from Friday Nights.

And here is a muffin and a scone from there.

Breakfast sandwich

That looks good.

The beer on tap menu at Yard House

Baby Lady sleeping at the Yard House

My Firestone IPA

Truffle fries and a club sandwich (with bacon and avocado)

Me at the Secret Stash back in 2004. Look how skinny I was.

And afterward these guys kidnapped me and took me bar hopping.

The Gas Cafe in Crested Butte

Hawaii shave ice in Hanlei bay

Boulder Cafe (these are not in order do to Picasa uploading them that way)

Yuri tearing into the chicken fried steak at Fattys

Tom and his 'side' of fries at the Altmar Hotel


Can't remember why I took this pic.

Jo-Jos shaved Ice


Tropical taco

The breakfast joint that we got crappy service

Best place ever

communal seating

Origin 99 in Barcelona, chicken cannelloni

Tom tying at Ponderosa in Pulaski

Hamuras kitchen look at those beef teryiaki sticks.


Something awesome at Origin 99

More Origin 99

Chickpeas, tomato, cheese, herbs. Simple but insane

Inside the place

Can't remember the name of this place. Can't find it on Google Maps (Barcaloneta, across from the surf shop) Great little sandwiches.

Me  next to a tiny truck, or am I HUGE and its a real sized truck?

I think we ate a great dinner hear, Ilona had stinky sardines.

Cal Pep, the line forms EARLY

El Xampanyet in Barca. Champagne and pastries. Over a 100 years old.

Outside the sandwich joint.

The burrito place in the market in Barca

I told you they were orgasmic

The guy with the bathing suit tattoo. I did not put in the pic of him bending over with his man-dingo hanging out. The lady in front of him is memorized by it.

Inside Cal Pep

That tortilla. I have dreams about it.

Pep (he's like the Dumbledore of the culinary world)

Me eating falafel. I love falafel.

Deep fried oreo in Wisconsin. Everything there was fried.

Me with the food network guy in Portland

The 'pig in blanket'

The misses in Miami

Chris with his side of fries in Altmar

Club sandwich in Portland.

El Pub in Calle Ocho in Miami

Cuban pressed sandwich with palvo.

The place with the lobster reuben

Art District Cigars

Lobster Reuben with chicken fingers

Fish heads for tarpon. Get them in the kitchen

tarpon behind where we ate


Dorothy's former local in Hartsel

Kenosha steak house

The Highlander near Pont Neuf

Me drinking and fishing in Paris

Le Relais De Venis. Best Dinner EVER

Line up early

Fattys in Breck


The beer was less than the club soda

Apple donuts

Burger Barn


Broasted Chicken at 901 Pub

The Vineyard

Korean food in Waikiki

Jab Chae noodles

MMMM, plate lunch

Grease Trucks

This sandwich made me ill

Me at Ponderosa

The baby at In-N-Out burger. She was soo tiny.

Chicken lolipops

Best sandwich in Ohio

Garlic chicken at Sams Kitchen

garlic chicken -sams kitchen

This is real Ramen in Waikiki. I was so drunk though, I can't remember where

real ramen - oahu

Thats it folks.